Thursday, February 21, 2008

Environment Design in HALO 3

Lecture was given by Mike Zak from Bungie.

Typically there are artists, who manage geometry, and designers, who manage gameplay. Bungie has titled an architect as the "glue" between these two. This is the role Mike fills at Bungie (as well as a finishing artist).

Pre-production model
  • Broad Timeline of level and game
  • Napkin sketch
  • Concept Art
  • Whiteboard

Aspect 1 : The Hook

  • Promenant features in the rooms
  • Don't create mazes for player to get lost in
  • Force orientation without using force :)
  • Should obviously be easy to grasp and navigate
  • Suggest a tactic by geometry, lighting, etc (no force)

Aspect 2 : Scale

  • How large should the level "feel"
  • Engagement ideas/planning

Aspect 3 : Combat Elements

  • Fronts
  • Layers
  • AI Blinds

Aspect 4 : Movement Elements

  • Player Shortcuts (make the player feel like he discovers ;))
  • One-way paths
  • Ninja paths
  • Vehicle flows

Mike then shared some concept art, geometry and finishing art with us. Link to presentation will be posted next week.

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