Tuesday, November 20, 2007

XNA Game Studio 2.0 BETA released!

The second release of XNA Game Studio has been released today.  I am in currently in process of installation of this.  I will be posting my experiences with this.  Link to download.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Better Zuner than later :)

I have recently had the opportunity to experience the newest version of firmware and software available for the Zune.  I am the proud owner of a Halo 3: 30GB Zune.  As I have been using what is now termed the Zune 30 I have had experience with the device for about 6 months. 

Device update

New firmware is included with the release of the new Zune devices, so the users of the 30GB model are not left out.  As they are very similar in specs to the new Zune 80, sans the extra disk space and slightly smaller screen (.2" bigger) and a slight decrease in weight on the new devices.  The new devices still use 801.11b/g wireless and this is one of the biggest updates, the advent of wireless music syncing.  The menu system that is introduced with the new firmware is very similar to the prior version but is faster and transitions are more "polished".  One of the biggest improvements I have welcomed is the ability to stop a video in progress, go listen to something else, and when you return to the video, your bookmark is automatically  there.  This was one of my biggest pet peeves of the previous version.

Marketplace update

As most who are interested in the Zune know, the software that accompanies the Zune's has been totally rewritten.  Much more of a web 2.0 feel to the new version.  The myriad of settings are increased to help personalization of your device.  Podcast subscriptions are now supported.  In similar fashion of the device, the software feels much faster (asynchronous tricks ;))

Online components

Some new additions to the system are the online components.  There is now a personalized portal that functions as your zune home online.  Zune cards have been introduced.  This is very similar to gamercards for the XBox 360.  The difference is obviously that they relate to how your using your device.  The site shows users with "most plays" among other things.  Users are able to "share" their zune cards with friends.  Mine is here.  This is driving home the social aspect that was originally sought after with this device.  I personally love it!  Join this with the fact that if you are a XBox 360 user, your friends list is available here for you (as well as view of your friends zunes stats, if they choose to share the info).


The update has been very easy and welcome by me and many others.  I will support and add my part to keep the "social" growing!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Posting from Windows Live Writer

This is a post generated by using a new tool recently released by Microsoft (Windows Live Writer).  I have never used a offline blog editing software, so I am looking forward to this.  Might help me stay up on my blog posts.