Saturday, May 9, 2009

Project: GPU replacement

Recently, my otherwise perfect XPS laptop experienced a GPU failure.  It was time for me to upgrade my laptop anyway, so I went ahead a got a 1730 to replace this 1710.  I then contacted a Dell reseller in CA for a replacement GPU (these things are $680 from Dell) and was able to secure a new one for $400.  This is Nvidia 7950 GTX, the largest GPU available for the XPS M1710.  I received the new GPU a few days ago and installed today.  It required pretty much stripping the laptop but all is working fine now.  Pics can be found here.  BTW, the 1730 is purchased has dual 8800 GTX (for a grand total of 1GB video memory) with SLI.  It runs well. :)

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