Sunday, November 16, 2008

Run it or rip it - UPDATED!

Just another update on the upcoming NXE for Xbox live. This pertains to the ability to rip the games to the HDD, in hopes of faster load times/better in game performance. I have said before that I reserve judgement on whether this is a good thing or not, and I think further revisions may help sway me this way. My argument is, when I have time and want to play some games, I don't want to wait for installs!

NeoGaf has posted this link ( ) where they tested Halo 3 with the install and without. This drives my point exactly. When a game is built with ability to adapt to hardware (no HDD or HDD), you get a much better game. There are some cases shown here where the game actually ran slower if you copied to the HDD, because they are already doing some rather intelligent caching.

So thats my rant for the day. Careful what you wish for, and please don't make me wait to play!?!?!


Cale Teeter said...

There is more details about this today, the day of NXE launch, and reason why copying H3 to you HDD doesn't make sense.

HZ King said...

Hello Cale. Seems like your interest and knowledge in programming is quite heavy :) Could you please check back at the topic you were on at Here is a direct link to that topic:

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